Whitening Out

art installation

The man-made climate change leads to new collapses of natural ecosystems. It is happening now and today! Because politics fails, the young educational and artists collective «Biotope of Relevance» is acting with the art installation «Whitening Out» in front of the Lucerne Lion Monument. The installation shows the dying coral reefs and the shrinking glaciers.

Art installation «Whitening Out»: 21 August to 20 September - Lucerne Lion Monument
Performance by Riccarda Naef: August 27 , 19:00
Performance theatre by Nina Langensand: 17 September, , 19:00

Whitening Out
© Claudia Schildkecht

L21 supports the project ideel and cooperates with the collective in performances during the art installation in front of the Lucerne Lion Monument as well as in the exhibition 2020 in the Kunsthalle Lucerne.