«The dark Side - loop film»

Movie installation now as Videostream

During the finissage, Lichtspiel Bern wanted to show for the first time a film installation put together especially for L21, which takes up the exhibition's leitmotif - "The Dark Side" - and exposes memories as deceptive. For the past often appears as a projection of the exotic, the beautiful and the special. Due to the cancellation of the finissage, Lichtspiel Bern has documented the installation as a video stream and made it accessible online.

Filminstallation now as Videostream !

They always smiled into the camera and put a lot of things in the right light for the few minutes of filming. With the installation «The dark Side» Lichtspiel Bern brings the tourist view to light, where living lions become monuments …

«The Dark Side – Loop Film» can be found here: https://vimeo.com/490139325

Die Kinemathek Lichtspiel

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«The Dark Side - Loop Film»