Open tender for artists

The open tender LION CALL L21 marks the beginning of the project L21, which is scheduled to continue for several years..
L21 is devoted to the artistic and transdisciplinary investigation of the Lion Monument.
L21 is based around process and participation.

We are looking for artistic ideas, sketches, projects or works that have already been realised, which engage in some way with the Lion Monument or its many aspects.

The variety of themes is unlimited, and extends from heroism to error, from patriotism to tourism, from lions to the idyllic setting of the park, from the sense to the nonsense of monuments.

At its centre is the deconstruction of the most famous monument in Switzerland.

This tender is extended to all interested artists in the field of visual art.

Deadline for entries 18 September 2017

Good ideas will still be accepted after this date.