«Die dunkle Seite des Löwen - The dark side of the Lion»

Exhibition in the Kunsthalle Lucerne

The Lion Monument 21 project of the Kunsthalle Lucerne is about to reach its climax this year with the exhibition "Die dunkle Seite des Löwen - The dark side of the Lion". A rubble heap as a dystopian paraphrase of the Lion Monument, mercenaryism, street art, privileges, discrimination and militarized nature conservation are at the center of the contextualization of the monument.

Curator Dr. Karin Mairitsch

Vernissage, Thursday, October 15, 2020, 6.30 - 11 pm

Finnisage, Sunday, December 13, 2020, 2 - 5 pm

In the course of the Black Lives Matter movement, the debate about monuments and their contribution to the order of memory has flared up again, as they too have contributed to the collective anchoring of dominant power structures and inequalities, which, with the consequences of the pandemic, triggered resistance and protests in societies.
Against this background, “The dark side of the Lion” is a committed exhibition. The exhibition space is transformed by the artists Jeremias Altmann and Andreas Tanzer in the sense of a dystopian paraphrase into a heap of rubble – into the “Lion’s Den”. In and around this image of devastation there are ten other artistic positions that were created especially for the project. Twelve young as well as established, local, national and international artists span a wide range of themes: street art, mercenaryism, lockdown, privileges, discrimination, militarised nature conservation, wildlife trade and the destruction of habitats are artistically reflected as the legacy of the lion.

Framework Programm

The exhibition is accompanied by an interesting supporting programme for all generation: Tours, talks with artists, discussions, performances, actions, memorabilia, and the community is also invited to join in. Finde more about it here.

Exhibition artists program

«Höhle des Löwen», Jeremias Altmann & Andreas Tanzer
«la prise» [nehmen], Paul Busk
«make memories a home» | «lost in a conversation» | «manchmal sinnlos», Olga Georgieva
«J’ai des privilèges, donc je peux», Jeanne Jacob & Mirjam Ayla Zürcher
«Löwenritt», Barbara Kiener
«Ombudsmann Stencil», Christian Löffel
«Der Löwe, die Gardisten und Ich – eine Kartographie des Denkens», Deborah Luder
«The Lion’s Lockdown», Barbara Hennig Marques & Olivia Lecomte
«HOW WE MIGHT BE», Claudia Schildknecht

Exhibition Newspaper


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Photos von: Kilian Bannwart

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Vernissage: Opening speeches