358° lion's processes

Cross-disciplinary Module Lucerne School of Art & Design

The topic of monuments and memorials is extremely connected to the paradigm of sustainability. Monuments are made to last, but do we still know after some time what they stand for? Are their aims and meanings sustainable? How can we deal with this setting today? How can we contribute to a wider discourse on monuments and memorials? During the lockdown in spring 2020, students from various semesters and fields of study at the Lucerne School of Art & Design explored these central issues and investigated phenomena of the Lucerne Lion Monument. L21 provides insights into this approach, which is both processual and comprehensive.

Monika Ernst

Sophie Germanier

Angels of Zurich

Deborah Luder

Julie von Wegen

Théodore Perriard

Fadri Pitsch

Marvin Prinz

Magnetic aesthetics

Giada Rastelli

Involvement with the Surroundings

Nadine Habermacher

Anna Lena Eggenberger

Think your own Memorial