«That was 2020»

The project year 2020 in retrospect

A turbulent project year is coming to an end.

We can report a predominantly positive response and great interest. And this despite the fact that we were also affected by the pandemic measures. Many things were changed, improvised here and there, and unfortunately also cancelled a little. The participation of our visitors, the excellent coverage by local media and the enthusiasm of our lion community have motivated us to master the challenges of this year. We would like to thank everyone – the visitors, our sponsors, the media, especially the Lucerne press, the authorities of the city of Lucerne working in the background and of course the team of the Kunsthalle Lucerne for their benevolent support. Without them we would not be anywhere near where we are today. We are convinced that we have shed some light on “The Dark Side of the Lion” and enriched “The Legacy of the Lion” by a few facets. To thank you, here is a short review of the artistically extraordinary project.

Your L21-Team

Dr Karin Mairitsch, Angela Gube Reinhard and Helena Manuela Deck

Insights compiled and photographed by Helena Manuela Deck