Performance series in June 2019 at the Lion Monument

On various days in June 2019, under the motto ’20:21’, L21 is presenting performance offerings right beside the Lion Monument. 20.21 is the time when the shorter performances begin, or else it accompanies the final part of lengthy performances. Then you can chat about the performance over a cool drink and while away the evening.


Heidi Hostettler, Löwenteich – Teichlöwen (Lion Pond – Pond Lions)

Sat 1 June 2019, approx 20.21

Heidi Hostettler (Kriens) goes diving in the Lion Pond.

Impressions of Heidi Hostettler's Performance: Lion Pond – Pond Lions, 1 June 2019. Pictures: Annick Bosson

Parvez Imam, Ask Me Anything

Tue 4 June 2019, 16.00 – approx. 21.30 (with breaks)

Pay a visit to Parvez Imam (India/Basel) at the Lion Monument and ask him what you’ve always wanted to ask him.

Impressions of Parvez Imam's Performance: Ask Me Anything, 4 June 2019. Pictures: Annick Bosson

Beatrie Schumacher/Thomas Zollinger, Der Löwe ist (The Lion Is)

Tue 11 June 2019, 18.21 – 20.21

The duo Schumacher (Basel) and Zollinger (Biel) invites visitors to the Lion Monument to turn away deliberately and literally from the monument and the urge to take selfies, and to go inside themselves for a moment.

Impressions of Beatrice Schumacher's & Thomas Zollinger's performance: The Lion is. Tue, 11.06.2019. Pictures: Annick Bosson

Klarissa Flückiger/Riccarda Naef, 786 – Söldner (786 – Mercenaries)

Sun 23 June 2019, 16.30 – approx. 22.30

The artist duo Flückiger (Lucerne) and Naef (St Gallen) will light the Lion Monument – according to the supposed number of mercenaries who died during the storming of the Tuileries – 786 times with instamatic cameras, and carry these to the grave in the figurative sense.

Impressions of Klarissa Flückiger's & Riccarda Naef's performance: 786 – Mercenaries, Sun 23.06.2019. Pictures: Annick Bosson

Zita Malaika Buess-Watson/Benjamin Heller, verwickeln (entangle)

Fri 23 June 2019, 20.21

In their performance in front of the Lion Monument Watson and Heller (Lucerne) use dance and spoken text to pursue the question of how Switzerland has developed since the mercenary age and what we have learned, or not.

Impressions of Zita Mailaika Buess-Watsons and benjamin Hellers performance entangle, FRI 28.06.2019. Pictures: Annick Bosson